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JP-K11 - Aftermarket, Fits Kenworth T800 Aerocab Hood with Split Fender and curved cowl
Fits: 1995 to 2006 Kenworth T800 Aerocab split fender and curved windshield trucks
OEM Number: K146-1306, K146-1307
Blemish: Hood was primed, but primer would need to be sanded and re-primed.
Price:  $1,500.00 - Call 1-800-451-1600 to order
Details: For hood details, click here


JP-K33 - Aftermarket, Fits Kenworth T800 Hood With Split Fender Metton Replacement
Fits: 2007 and newer Kenworth T800 split fender trucks
OEM Number:

L29-1177-2110000, L29-1177-2210000, L29-1177-2220000, L29-1177-2510000, L29-1177-2520000

L29-1177-2420000 with modification

L29-1102-2510000, L29-1102-2520000 with wheel openings trimmed for flotation tires

Blemish: Painted blue
Price:  Call for pricing 1-800-451-1600
Details: For hood details, click here
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